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61 white pine road
chesterfield, nj 08515
(609) 324-0080


fleece & yarn sales

beautiful 100% natural alpaca yarn!

meticulously skirted alpaca fleece!

alpaca yarn in many natural colors - average pricing $6.50 to $7 per ounce.
available in sport weight, finger weight, lace weight and some bulky.
sock yarn, blended with 30% nylon also available.

well skirted prime fleece - average pricing $30 per pound.
also available in small quantities, normally $2.50 per ounce.
neck and belly fiber (2nds & 3rds) average pricing $1 per ounce

* discount pricing offered for larger volume fleece & yarn purchases *

please contact us for current inventory and to arrange a visit.

 updated march 2013

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